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About Us

Hi, warm greetings from us.

Introducing we are a small agency that works in the world of microstock design and video, and we started everything from scratch, from an old laptop that was almost broken, but we believe all success must start from the bottom first, then you can feel how good life is. on.

Then, why did we create this blog? Here we just want to share and share knowledge with all of you who are in need. Whatever knowledge and experience we have, we will try to share it in this blog post.

So, what will we discuss in this blog?

Specifically, we prioritize quality content or articles, namely about business, finance, how to make money on the internet, technology, general motivation, and other interesting articles.

We hope that with the writings on this blog, it can add insight for you, both for those who are old and those who are old. Especially for young people who certainly want their future to be successful.

Maybe you think we created this blog or just expecting money from blogs? You can say yes or no, because we intentionally only want to share knowledge and experience, if we can earn money from our hard work in writing, consider it a bonus from our writing sweat.

Thank you for those of you who have read this far, I wish you all success at any time.


Genstrix Graphic